Kacy Thomson


I have loved hearing about pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was about to graduate from Texas Christian University when I realized that my desire to learn about the birth process was more than just a temporary interest – this was a real passion and I wanted to be surrounded by this process in every way possible.

Fast-forward a few of years to when my husband and I moved back to our hometown {compete with beautiful mountains and perfect fall weather} and I had the privilege of taking birth photos for one of our dear friends. I came home from that 3:00am birth and was completely energized for the rest of the day – I could not get over the miracle I had witnessed that morning! It was then that I realized my passion for birth was far too great to ignore or put off any longer – I knew that being a doula was one of my callings and I needed to take the leap of faith to pursue this work.

Through the start of this journey I’ve been led down many paths that were never expected, but are now held with great value. After struggling with infertility my husband and I are so blessed to say that we welcomed our beautiful daughter into our arms on 1.7.17, and her birth story taught us even more about the unique nature of the birth process. Our unexpected birth story only affirmed my desire to support women through the process of bringing their babies into the world with as much support and encouragement as possible, no matter the circumstances.

I hold my bachelors degree in Communication Studies and Nutritional Sciences, and I am currently working towards my birth doula certification through DONA International. I have a love for learning new ways to live a more clean and holistic life that can better living for my family through proper nutrition, exercise and the use of essential oils. My goal is to support you in any way needed during one of the most incredible journeys of your life!


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Kacy's Client Testimonials

Our doula Kacy was truly wonderful. She went above and beyond to support us during a very long labor, even when she was experiencing a challenging time in her personal life. She even made us a birthday cake for our new baby! We are truly grateful to her and would highly recommend her and the student doulas at New Life.
— Jennie S.
Kacy Thomson was an absolute gift before, during, and after labor with my new little person. I wouldn’t have known she was a student doula. She incorporated herself so well into my birth team, and provided excellent support without taking away from the connection between my husband and I.
— Rebecca R.