Madison Jensen


Why yoga? For once in my life I feel like I am giving back to the body that keeps on giving. Yoga empowers me and I feel more confident and accomplished after each practice.

Dedicated to the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga, my personal practice has enabled me to come to know myself better than before. There is no "end" to yoga, there is always something more to consider and to work towards. The pursuit of a daily practice through the asanas, has taught me that yoga is a way of preparing for the day both physically and mentally. When we connect our movement with our breath, we become more aware of the present.

Yoga is for the purification of both the body and of the mind. While our bodies go through different stages in life, our practice will inevitably change. What does not change is the support we receive from our yoga practice, which is why I love teaching yoga and hope to support those wanting to practice!