Sarah Allen

I am a native New Mexican and a mother of twins. Our family moved back to New Mexico in 2015 after spending over a decade in the Phoenix area. I graduated from ASU and became an Elementary teacher. After the birth of our twins in 2013, we knew that we wanted to be closer to our family and friends. We are so grateful to be back in NM with the mountains, green chile and our family. I love to cook and really enjoy when I get the chance to cook for a new family. Joining New Life Birth Services in 2016 was when I found my tribe and I knew what I was meant to do!

My birth story was an experience for which I feel eternally thankful. It was a long road to get there as we struggled with infertility for many years. We utilized science and optimism in order to make our dream of having a family come true. We were blessed with twins-a boy and a girl! My experience giving birth prompted my journey into the birth world. Birth is hard, messy and beautiful. It is my highest honor to walk beside a family during this journey.

As a former teacher, I am always learning. In 2016, I certified through Madriella as a birth doula. I am currently completing my Postpartum doula certification, after attending multiple trainings. In 2017, I became certified in birth and bereavement with StillBirthday. In 2018, I completed my APPAC and am now a Certified Placenta Arts Specialist with the leading Placenta Arts training company. I have also taken classes in acupressure and rebozo techniques. I am always looking to expand my knowledge to best serve my community.

Birth and the postpartum period is a transformation for the entire family. You will not come out of the experience the same person you were going in. I will be by your side through all of the happiness and hard times. I got into this work because I am a caretaker at heart. This care can take on all different forms depending on the family’s needs, varying between physical, emotional, or informational support. I pride myself at being able to assess my client’s needs and support them in the best way possible. I look forward to hearing from you.


Meet Sarah

What is belly binding and why do we do it? There are many benefits to binding the belly after birth. Postpartum doulas, Carrie & Sarah, explain the benefits of belly binding in this short introductory video.


Sarah's Client Testimonials

Sarah Allen was an amazing doula for us! Since we live far away from our family, she was our only support when our daughter surprised us two weeks early. She was the calming, expert presence that we hoped for and both my husband and I felt truly cared for during the birth. Her postpartum visits were a delight and I felt like I was catching up with an old friend as she imparted her baby wisdom and helped me with belly binding. Whenever baby #2 comes along, she will be the first one we call!
— Anna E.
Sarah was so encouraging and helpful. She reminded me that I was the patient at the hospital and thus could ask for what I wanted and needed. She was a large reason why my first birth was such a positive experience.
— Bethany B.
It would be impossible to adequately express the amount of gratitude and love I have for Sarah Allen. My husband and I chose the collective doula plan and though I’m certain we would have been more than happy with any of the wonderful doulas who are part of the collective I couldn’t speak more highly of Sarah. It ended up being a very long and at times complicated labor, none of which we had planned or hoped for. But having Sarah with us to talk through some of the decisions we had to make and just her physical and emotional support throughout the whole process brought a lot of comfort to what was perhaps the most vulnerable experience of our lives. We are grateful to New Life Birth Services and especially to Sarah for her compassion, comfort, love and concern.
— Alicia T.