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Sarah Flores


My path to this point has been an eclectic one. After several years in the television production, and restaurant industry- I found myself wanting to make a change. I made a choice to spend every day doing what I love, looking forward to the ways in which I spent my time, consciously being present, and making a difference. I spent 2016 traveling the globe, which culminated in receiving my Yoga teacher certification in India. I had many wonderful teachers during my time there, and it was then, in my prenatal workshop, that I knew this was something I needed to pursue.

A year later, I would have that opportunity. I currently teach prenatal Yoga with New Life Birth Services, after having the blessing of meeting MJ Vargas, while teaching at 3B Yoga NM. I have been a Yoga practitioner for many years (my practice began in college!), and am also a children’s Yoga instructor. Yoga, mindfulness, and breath work hold the potential to have a profound impact on so many lives.

Prenatal Yoga is wonderful, and brings strength and peace to such an amazing, transformational time in a woman’s life. We are powerful, intelligent, and intuitive beings, who hold the capacity to carry, and then bring, a soul into the physical form. This is profound and holds such reverence. Women are amazing, and I am so blessed and honored to be a part of this journey.