Stacey Karpp

The greatest treasure that I continue to open is the gift of being who I am created to be.  I am like the window light-catcher, strung to the pane with ribbon, between the mystical portals of new life, catching light.  It is with joy I serve the many diverse and beautiful families of this community as a professional birth doula.  

When the first baby of my doula career was born, I remember the stillness.  From that quiet, it reminded me of when seedlings crack the dust of the earth; how they reach for light.  The next birth, the baby came quickly.  He emerged with prayer hands riding a wave of water.  I was his mother’s tree.  We were like a roaring river, where the roots of the tree meet the water’s edge.  From that moment on, I heard the whisper sung within the leaves of wind, calling me to Beloved Light.

Years ago, my only daughter, my little sunshine, began college and flew like the little bird she is from the nest.  I was sitting on the edge of my bed, sobbing.  “What would I do now?!”  I had met a doula about five years prior at a retreat.  I wanted to do what she described to me, but I was a single mother, who could not leave the house in a moment’s notice for birth.  In the meantime, I began reading The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin, PT and then had rested it on the ledge of my bookshelf.  

I have since then so much realized that the bond between a mother and child is so deep that when we are separated this causes suffering.  It was after this realization, while wiping up my tears, that my Birth Partner book fell off the bookshelf, landing on the ground aside my feet.  I picked it up and began reading it again, and then others.  Months later, I found myself being invited to numerous births.  Birth called, and I now answered.   

Since 2009, I have been a certified birth doula and have attended both home and hospital births, including water births and Cesarean sections.  For a short while, I was also a midwife’s assistant.  Also, I value the time that I volunteered at the New Futures High School assisting with childbirth education classes and as a birth doula.  

Currently, I am pursing certifications with AyurDoula Postpartum Care and Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.  I cherish that there is always an abundant amount to be part of and learn in our birth community.  I am constantly within the company of such beautiful people and am well-fed at each training or workshop I attend.   

In summary, but not to conclude, I am a mother, a sister, la tia, a faithful friend.  I was created a woman, a warrior, but mostly, a vessel of reciprocal love. Truthfully, I am with humility – a doula – joyfully, your servant and handmaiden.  I am simply, the light-catcher, with a ribbon.