Stacey Karpp

It is with joy I serve the many diverse families of this community as a professional birth doula and student postpartum doula.  I treasure the gift of being able to explore and expand who I am created to be.

When the first baby of my doula career was born, I remember the stillness.  From that quiet, it reminded me of when seedlings crack the dust of the earth, how they reach for light. The next birth, the baby came quickly. He emerged with prayer hands, riding a wave of water. I was his mother’s tree. We were like a roaring river, where the roots of the tree meet the water’s edge. From that moment on, I heard the whisper sung within the leaves of the wind, calling me to birth. My life has never been the same.

Since 2009, I have been a birth doula and have attended many home and hospital births.  These births varied from water to surgical. For a short while I was also a midwife’s assistant, attending some births in rural areas. I value the time that I volunteered at the New Futures High School, assisting with childbirth education classes and as a birth doula. 

I have attended training as a postpartum doula with DONA International and hope to complete my certification this year.  In January of 2018, I will complete training as a Peer Community Support Leader with Babywearing NM and look forward to organizing more opportunities for families to discover babywearing.  Additionally, I am training and pursing certification with toLabor and AyurDoula Postpartum Care and Association.  I welcome with joy the opportunity to participate and learn about the abundance of our birth community. I am constantly in the company of such wonderful people at each training or workshop I attend.   

I have always been a single mother to my daughter, who is twenty-five years old.  She has graduated from UNM and is engaged.  Being a single parent has taught me to be creative, to trust, to persevere and to be adventurous in everything I do.  In my spare time I enjoy knitting dolls, practicing my snare drum, photography, volunteering at the soup kitchen once a week, and throwing with New Mexico Highland Celtic Athletics.  I write poetry and enjoy eccentric things and visit my nieces in Nevada whenever I can for tia tea parties.    

In summary but not to conclude, I am a mother, a sister, una tía, a faithful friend.  I was created a woman, a warrior, and mostly, a vessel of reciprocal love. I am with humility, a doula. 


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