Monica Palomino

Monica strives to connect women to their bodies and their babies in a safe space where feelings of excitement, fear, nervousness, and all the natural emotions felt can be met with love. As an experienced yoga instructor, Monica believes in building the connection between mind, body, and spirit. As a doula she incorporates visualization, presence, breath, and hands-on techniques in order to help people draw upon their inherent intuition.

She values being inclusive and respectful to every birthing person, no matter what they decide their best form of care is. Every birth is so different, and she is dedicated to creating unique and empowering experiences for every client and their loved ones.

Monica grew up in Southern California, but moved to Fort Collins where she studied Nutrition and Food Science at Colorado State University. As her studies progressed, she became inspired by the potential of nutrition as a form of preventative medicine. One of her classes, Nutrition in the Life Cycle, drew her attention to all of the intricate and miraculous physiological events that occur before conception, during pregnancy, and throughout the first years of life. Monica realized that working within maternal health would lend itself to not only preventative care, but creating meaningful connections with clients and supporting them during one of the most amazing transformations of their lives.

After graduating, she spent a few years traveling and teaching English and Yoga internationally. During this time she met a group of midwives and doulas in Mexico. Their passion and reverence for birth inspired her to look into doula trainings. She completed her training with a DONA certified organization in Costa Rica, and then proceeded to intern at South Coast Midwifery as both a doula and midwife assistant. She had the opportunity to be apart of amazing synchronicity and healing through births in homes, birthing centers, and hospitals. Monica is thrilled to be serving the Albuquerque community, and humbled to work alongside such an amazing team of birth workers!