Your Practice. Your Choice.

Our postpartum yoga classes are designed to give you the choice of how you’d like to approach your postpartum practice. You can choose to 1) bring your baby to class with you and try some Mom and Baby Yoga, or 2) have some solo time and approach this class as a baby-free Postpartum Yoga class.

Please note that others in class may have made different choices than you, so there may or may not be babies present in any given class. Regardless of who shows up, we facilitate an open class for our community members. Please join us however you’d like - you are so welcome here!

Make sure to bring:

  • your yoga mat

  • water bottle

  • And if you’re bringing your baby, you can consider

  • a blanket or nursing pillow for your little one

  • your diaper bag

  • anything needed to feed your baby