Sarah Flores

My path to this point has been an eclectic one. After several years in the television production, and restaurant industry- I found myself wanting to make a change. I made a choice to spend every day doing what I love, looking forward to the ways in which I spent my time, consciously being present, and making a difference. I spent 2016 traveling the globe, which culminated in receiving my Yoga teacher certification in India. I had many wonderful teachers during my time there, and it was then, in my prenatal workshop, that I knew this was something I needed to pursue.

A year later, I would have that opportunity. I currently teach prenatal Yoga with New Life Birth Services, after having the blessing of meeting MJ Vargas, while teaching at 3B Yoga NM. I have been a Yoga practitioner for many years (my practice began in college!), and am also a children’s Yoga instructor. Yoga, mindfulness, and breath work hold the potential to have a profound impact on so many lives.

Prenatal Yoga is wonderful, and brings strength and peace to such an amazing, transformational time in a woman’s life. We are powerful, intelligent, and intuitive beings, who hold the capacity to carry, and then bring, a soul into the physical form. This is profound and holds such reverence. Women are amazing, and I am so blessed and honored to be a part of this journey.   


>>> Sarah is currently on maternity leave and will be returning to birth work early 2020! <<<

Meet Sarah


Yoga is an incredible way to prepare your body and your mind for birth. Our prenatal yoga instructor, Sarah Flores, has put together this easy to follow yoga flow for your home practice. Want more? Join us for a prenatal yoga class!


Sarah's Client Testimonials

Sarah Flores was a true gift in our lives and we will cherish this experience with her forever. She was incredible and supportive in the birth room and continues to be after delivery. Sarah helped me feel empowered. We truly feel the love. We do not feel like we paid for a service, but more like gained a great friend and family member.
— Tamara R.