Stephanie Avey


I have been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth since I was a small child. So when we were pregnant with our first daughter, Emma, I felt prepared for labor and delivery – plain and simple. After all, I had been researching what to expect since before I found out I was pregnant! It wasn’t until I was induced at 41 weeks pregnant that my confidence waivered. Although my experience was positive, I felt like all of the decisions surrounding my delivery were made for me.

We found out 10 months after Emma was born that we were pregnant with our second daughter, Katie. It was my goal to be as prepared as possible for this next birth. I watched child birth videos constantly and read (and re-read) books surrounding pregnancy, child birth, and the postpartum time. I was hooked! I was so encouraged by all the research I had been doing that I was ready to rock labor and delivery!  

After this experience, I knew exactly where I needed to be. It was in the year following Katie’s birth that I decided to pursue birth work. I was driven by my own experiences, but greater than that, I was compelled by my passion for women’s health and I knew that by providing loving and compassionate care during pregnancy, child birth, and the weeks following, I would be able to make a difference.

I often get asked what I do and, after careful thought, here is my answer:  I’m here to provide a safe place for you and your partner to share your goals, fears, and excitement. I’m here as a teacher, a shoulder to lean on, and someone to provide physical and emotional support when you and your partner are beyond exhausted. I’m an advocate of your birth preferences and a resource when your plans change. I’m here as your help when you’ve just returned home with your sweet baby and your friend when things seem overwhelming. I am part of your birth team and ready to support and honor you and your decisions as you expand your family!

I’m a coffee lover, nature enthusiast, and football fanatic. I have many hobbies, but my favorites include hiking in the beautiful Sandia mountains and camping with my family. And, as of recently, I am also a certified childbirth educator. I hope to meet you soon!

Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie's Client Testimonials

Steph was such a joy. She went out of her way to make us feel like family. So many little things I can’t even begin to list. I am so grateful to have had such strong support through the final weeks of pregnancy, which can be so trying. She made sure to make our 2.5 year old feel comfortable with her. She rolled with the punches through many bouts of false labor. And she never made me feel like I was crazy. She was so supportive and encouraging. She even mailed a Mother’s Day card! She brought my baby a beautiful book on her last postpartum visit, signed ‘your Doula’. I almost cried in gratitude and appreciation. I hope we all stay in touch for years to come and my girls know what a strong tribe they had to bring them earth side and how priceless that support was.
— Erica M.
Stephanie was a life saver. She was in constant contact through out the end of my pregnancy, during labor and during recovery. My husband says he could see the difference in my contractions once Stephanie arrived. He felt my contractions were more manageable and I was able to get more rest between them with Stephanie’s help. She had lots of pain management ideas for us from changing positions to warming pads to squeezing my hips. When labor didn’t go as planned Stephanie went with us to the hospital and stayed with me until I was settled into my recovery room.
— Susan H.