Vanesa Lewinger

My journey began long ago in a little rural town in Massachusetts. As a young girl I loved playing office and typing away on my ten-key calculator, destined for a life of number crunching. As the years passed my enchantment with the human connection made it clear that I would need more than numbers to make me happy and so I stumbled upon the world of Human Resources.  For the past ten plus years I’ve had the pleasure of navigating the rocky shores of the human condition and the corporate world.

In 2010 my then fiancé and our cat made our way back to the mainland from the beautiful Hawi’ian Island of O’ahu. Settling in equally beautiful Albuquerque, my fiancé became my husband and in 2013 our first daughter joined us. Our second arrives in late 2016.

Becoming a mother, with all its glory and challenge, helped me to further define my values, goals and what happiness looks like in my life. This shift coupled with my strong desire to own and grow a business, drove me to exit my career in Human Resource Management to follow my passion, and my dear friend MJ. Together, and with the talented team of doulas and birth specialists, we are a strong voice for mothers and birthing.

I count myself so very fortunate to be able to blend my love of number crunching with my desire to support families during such a crucial part of their journey. For me, this is more than a job; this is my way of making a difference and standing up for what I believe in. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve not only the professionals of our birth community but also each and every family we have opportunity to work with. Thank you and aloha.