We offer in-home lactation support.

Our lactation staff is comprised of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), which means they each possess the highest credential any person can obtain in theprofessional lactation field. Our highly-trained staff have the same credentials as lactation consultants that work in a hospital setting - the only difference is that our IBCLCs are available to all families in need of lactation services in the Greater Albuquerque Area.

Whether your breastfeeding relationship with your baby has gotten off to a great start, or you've had some "bumps in the road", our team is here to help you navigate the ways in which you feed your child. From basic latch support to more complex medical and/or structural issues, we are Albuquerque's go-to team to address your individual needs.

Depending on your insurance plan, our lactation services may be reimbursable!