Postpartum Healing is Vital

The postpartum time is also known as the "fourth trimester" because of how essential it is to support your body in its return from pregnancy, to a non-pregnant state. Many cultures observe the time after birth as sacred. In other parts of the world, it is common for an entire community to gather to support each mother during the first 6 weeks after birth by protecting the space around her from distraction, need and stress. It is all about the mom and baby bonding and recovering from an incredible journey.

We offer three types of Postpartum Care:


The focus of our postpartum care is to:

  • nurture mothers with nutrition
  • protect the family's time & space for sleep, rest or work (whatever is most needed)
  • provide help with:
    • organic herbal sitz baths
    • belly binding
    • mental/emotional processing of your birth
    • breastfeeding support
    • baby-wearing
    • infant support & development
    • sibling integration
    • light housework.