Thank you for taking the time to learn about what we do. Below you'll find a legend with an overview of our services that includes the four ways we accept doula clients, the three options we offer for extended postpartum care, placenta encapsulation, in-home IBCLC lactation care & the multiple other services we offer. Please browse our site in depth while noticing these symbols throughout. We encourage you to attend one of our doula teas, which is like an orientation, to find the team & services that are best for you.


Transfer Care

The first type of birth doula care we provide is specific to Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center clients. Should any Dar a Luz clients need to be transferred to a hospital for birth, our main collective is on call to support those families through their births. We are like an extension of Dar a Luz that extends to the hospital with our clients. Together, we are helping families achieve safe and peaceful births, even if the environment around them is not what they'd initially planned. Join us at a Dar a Luz Transfer & Interventions Class (see Dar a Luz's Calendar).


>>> The remainder of our services are available to everyone, regardless of your intended birthplace <<<


Collective Care

Our main collective is a diverse group of professional doulas. Five (5) doulas from this group take on clients as a team by providing group prenatal care and sharing a 24-hour call schedule. We offer a detailed care plan to all CC clients that ensures that your doula is a familiar and supportive person. Postpartum care is included with this care type.



Every doula that is a part of our main collective offers what we call Exclusive Care - a more personal form of care that is provided entirely in our client's homes. There are various EC packages available, and they all include premium care of your choice along with postpartum support. Join us at a Doula Tea to learn more!



We have a Student Collective of aspiring birth doulas that study under our Main Collective doulas to offer birth doula services. Their care is offered at a discounted rate and includes prenatal & postpartum care.

Classic PC.png


Our Postpartum Team offers Classic Postpartum Care which focus is to nurture mothers with nutrition, sleep/rest, herbal sitz baths, belly binding, mental/emotional processing, breastfeeding support, baby-wearing, infant support & development, sibling integration & help with light housework.

Ayur PC.png


Our Postpartum Team offers Ayurvedic Care which hones in on the ancient principals of Ayurveda to offer food as medicine, a prescription-like application of food for postpartum mothers and newborns to facilitate a rich recovery experience that lends itself to optimal health. Our Ayurvedic Packages include a prenatal consultation that helps our Postpartum Team prepare and treat you as well as possible.

Student PC.png


We have Students that work with our Postpartum Team to offer discounted services as they are in training. Student rates include only Classic-Type postpartum care.



We offer several services for your placenta. Our team is the only completely APPA certified team in the Albuquerque Area. We offer a $50.00 discount on each of our placenta bundles for booking in advance.



We have a team of Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs and CLCs) that offer in-home lactation support for our clients' comfort. These services are available on an impromptu basis (as soon as we can get you in, we will!) and are also available to book in advance.



Our clients have spoken and we have listened! The complete variety of services we offer is available in our services menu that you will receive when you attend a doula tea, but in the meantime please browse our New Life Store to view some options that can be booked a la carte, whether you're our doula client or not.