Explore Your Options

We've got something for everyone. There are several different pathways we offer for birth doula care, depending on:

  1. where you're planning on having your baby

  2. the experience offered by the doula(s) you choose

  3. how much you'd like to invest in your birth doula care

Find your People

We have a diverse team of professional and student birth doulas that work amongst other birth professionals (postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, birth photographers, etc) to provide strong, reliable & comprehensive services to the Albuquerque area. Your satisfaction with your birth experience will largely depend on how you are supported, and we are invested in giving our community as many options for that support as possible. We are here for you.

Get Started

Because our services are so detailed and very much tailored to the unique needs of every family we work with in the Albuquerque area, we deliver all the information you need to make an informed decision in a couple of easy ways:

A couple of quick notes:

Our services out-of-pocket costs start at $300. We offer several financing options: