We are here for you.

At the heart of our organization's values is family - the way you define it.

Your Birth. Your Baby. Your Beliefs.

We are often asked, "what kind of doulas are you?" The best way for us to answer that is to say, "we are the doulas that serve YOU." We do not have an agenda behind our ideas or suggestions, and we work to meet each of our families with the highest level of non-judgemental support when they need it the most.


Your Own Definition of Family.

You are the author of your story, we are just lucky to be a part of it. At New Life, we proudly serve birthing and postpartum people regardless of their beliefs, family structure, or gender. The wide range of families we serve bring joy to our lives and we hope we bring some peace-of-mind and exceptionally compassionate support to theirs.


Your Experience. Your Choices.

We serve families in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Regardless of your intended birthplace (home, birth center, hospital) we will happily accompany you. Also, regardless of the "type" of birth you're aiming for (low-intervention, "natural", VBAC, planned epidural, planned cesarean, etc) we promise to bring our best.